I’m sure it sounds like I’m picking out certain select aspects and calling them out as more important than the other elements of a wedding story but I really want to say is that, the details are just as important. By details, of course, there is the dress, the rings, shoes, invites, and more… and sometimes, it’s the special pin that belonged to grandma or grandpa, or the photo of the loved one who couldn’t be there. From the floral arrangements to the passed-down items that mean everything to a couple, details are important… and some of my favorite shots to take. 


Getting all the traditional shots, the intimate shots and the grand shots in the amazing locations are all things I love about weddings but just as important as those are the shots of moments that really tell the story of your wedding day. The laughs, the tears, the moments from parents and grandparents witnessing the bond of family and new family. Sometimes… it’s the crazy moments that the reception just naturally brings out. Those photos will last forever and it would be an honor to tell your wedding day story through these moments. 

I have more love to share regarding the fun photos at the reception coming soon.


It all started with a point-and-shoot I purchased in 2005. Where it would lead me, I wasn’t sure. Starting with photos of the kiddo, flowers, all things macro, and my well-plated dinner that I thought looked like they belonged in a fine dining magazine I fell in love with the art of photography. I did photograph some music acts throughout the years as well, both live and for promotional purposes. In 2012 fashion, in addition to weddings, became a rather large part of my life. Fashion is still a big part of my life and I believe influences my work in weddings. In short, everyone brings a certain something to the table. We all have our way of viewing the world and that naturally is visible in the work we create. If you like my approach to telling storytelling, I’d love to talk more about the next steps in telling your wedding story.

I can’t help it… I’m often thinking what the magazine layout looks like. 

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